Are you not happy with your microwave’s results and looking for alternative? Wonder if the turbo oven that you saw on TV is a scam? You may find the answers from this review.

I was amazed by the performance of turbo oven that I saw on TV and really want to give it a try. But because there are so many bad comments about paid commercials, I worried that it’s another scam. So, I decided to do my own research online.

First of all, how does turbo oven work? Actually, it’s a very innovative design. It combines infrared waves, halogen heat and convection cooking in one device. The halogen bulb heats up the oven to your specification and then the build-in fan circulates the hot air inside to ensure the meat is cooked evenly from top to bottom. The infrared waves cooks the meat from inside out so the meat is cooked thoroughly. With this method of cooking it can cut down the processing time by 1/3 compare with conventional ovens. Better yet the result is outstanding as it can keep the juice inside when crisping the outside.

Besides the superior cooking result, there are a lot more advantages of Turbo Oven.

My favorites are:

Energy efficient – it uses 75% less energy than a regular oven. That translates into money saving for me in the long haul.

Low fat cooking – Most of the fat are removed from the meat whilst cooking as they are drip to the bottom of the oven. So as long as you put a foil at the bottom of the oven it won’t be a problem for cleaning.

Time saving – it can cook frozen food directly which is perfect for a last minute cooker like me and it cooks so much faster than conventional oven.

Easy to clean – it is really a big deal to me. I don’t know about you but I hate cleaning the oven. It’s so hard to remove all those burned greases and my back hurt so much when bending down to do so. This unit promoted as self-cleaning and it really does. You just add water into the glass bowl and turn the machine on then it will clean itself.

Click to discover all the benefits of turbo oven cooking and who can benefit from it.

After reading reviews from different brands, I decided to pick Secura Halogen Infrared Convection Countertop Turbo Oven, Deluxe Package W/extender Ring;tong;cook Racks 777MH

Reasons that I chose Secura’s Turbo Oven instead of other brands are:

Safety and Durability – not like most of it’s competitors it uses a glass bowl instead of plastic. It’s proven that plastic will release toxic elements like BPA under high heat. Also, a lot of customer reviews indicated that the plastic bowl cracks easily.

FREE Extender Ring – with extender ring it increases the capacity so it can cook big pieces of meat, like turkey, as well. When compare it with other brands, for the same price in at least, they don’t come with it.

Easy to clean – Since it uses a glass bowl instead of plastic(most of it’s competitors use), it’s a lot easier to clean. As you may know, plastic get stain easily e.g. tomato sauce.
Also the detachable cord makes it safe when it comes to cleaning.

Affordable – it’s not the cheapest. But with all the features that it has especially the glass bowl and free extender ring, it really worth it.

No product made perfect. Some people don’t like:
- the bright light when it’s running.
- the directions are in Celsius but the temperature gauge is in Fahrenheit so it requires some conversions.
Fortunately, these disadvantages are quite minor and won’t affect the performance of this fabulous product.

Ok don’t just listen to me check it out yourself here.

Oh, one more thing. You may find a better bargain some where else but I would rather pay a little bit more to get it from amazon because of the easy return policy. I’ve seen some poor reviews about returning the competitive products that purchased directly from manufacturers.